From Hodlers Network team we wanted to share with you how the week has been doing!

First of all, we are already listed in DexGuru, Dodo, Pancakeswap and Value DeFi, where you can buy our token. In addition, we are waiting to be listed in CoinMarketCap!

Dodo →

Pancakeswap →

Value DeFi →

DexGuru →

Secondly, we wanted to tell you that the HDN swap to HDLN is delayed a week from what expected, and also hare with you that refunds are already being done, so we really appreciate your patience and support!

Last but not least, we are working very hard on our SOCIAL NETWORK! Actually, we are currently about to send some invites to many companies so they can join in advanced to the social we are preparing.

For now this are all the news we’ve got for you Hodlers, but this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more upcoming news!

Hodlers Network will be the first Social network in Blockchain-based on wallet IDs to verify and identify good and bad crypto users, aiming to avoid scams.