Hodlers Network
2 min readJul 10, 2021


Dear Hodlers, today we bring you WALLET VERIFICATION.

As you may have read in another article we had written, we will create a team within our SOCIAL NETWORK that will verify all the info of new members manually. It won’t be an automatic process, there’ll be someone on the other side verifying. We don’t want to leave these kinds of matters to an algorithm, and in addition, this helps creating new job positions for people that else wouldn’t have access to it, and moreover, to connect the global dots even more.

Requirements for verifying your account will be:

  1. A well recorded video of you saying out loud a specific phrase given
  2. A photo of you in real time
  3. Picture of your personal ID
  4. Your Wallet ID

All the info asked above is so our verification team can check every item you submitted. It is important that we check you are real and not only a fake id or username in the cyberspace.

Keep yourself posted for more!



Hodlers Network

Hodlers Network will be the first Social network in Blockchain-based on wallet IDs to verify and identify good and bad crypto users, aiming to avoid scams.