Hello dear Hodlers, today we bring you VERIFIERS.

The verifiers constitute a team of people which will be constantly reviewing the information users send in order to be verified in our Social Network. We created this system in order to provide a more secure environment and also, to give people from every corner of the world the opportunity to a decent work (and a remote one).

Other way, there is a large crowd that would be marginalized from the crypto universe, and that is to our eyes incredibly unfair.

That being said, we must bare in mind that VERIFIERS will be a vital key to our Network since it’s on them that relys the mission to create a first safety barreer.

For more news onto how to become a verifier, wait for more upcoming news!



Hodlers Network

Hodlers Network will be the first Social network in Blockchain-based on wallet IDs to verify and identify good and bad crypto users, aiming to avoid scams.