Hodlers Network is all set to build its Social Network

The Crypto industry is constantly changing; therefore, staying up-to-date is a key aspect in gaining massive profits. Hodlers Networks has emerged with a unique social platform that aims at benefiting crypto holders by providing them all resources. We are doing this by launching our Social Network. We recently announced on Twitter that we have already started the development of it.

The idea of creating a Social Network stemmed from the impact social media has on cryptocurrencies. For instance, one tweet from Elon Musk recently made Dogecoin famous. Similarly, social media boasted the fame of Bitcoin in 2010. This is exactly why having a dedicated network will provide ease to frequent crypto users. It will give them all necessary and verified news just some clicks away.

Key features of our Social Network are the following:

• You can contact the best crypto traders, companies, and groups.

• You have access to authentic crypto news.

• Crypto companies can create coin groups, and users can join coin groups.

• You can post news, portfolios, and details of several cryptocurrencies explaining your feedback on them.

• Users can follow their favorite or famous investors and traders. They can also follow coins.

We understand the importance of community. Therefore, this Social Network will not only develop a new community but also enhance the overall user experience. It will bring crypto traders closer and create a sense of trust. For example, users will endorse trusted traders, and as a result, other users will feel safe before investing. This will add another layer of security to the already secure Trust Review system.

In short, if you are tired of using several apps for tracking coins, their news, and the P2P rates, then Hodlers Network is the right platform for you! The innovative minds of our team are ready to tackle these issues and mix them all up into one single app. We are determined at making users the center of our network. Hence, everything will be designed to educate, help, and assist crypto users. For example, community members can gain HDLN by simply performing social actions on our platform!

Hodlers Network will be the first Social network in Blockchain-based on wallet IDs to verify and identify good and bad crypto users, aiming to avoid scams.

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