Hodlers Network Key Feature: Trust Review

Hodlers Network is a unique platform that targets common issues in the crypto community. DeFi systems are now widely used for developing cryptocurrencies. This poses a threat to the overall security of the crypto community. Some crypto businesses have exploited the anonymity of DeFi systems to scam crypto holders. Our team at Hodlers Network not only highlighted this issue but also proposed a system that would remove scams and make DeFi systems secure.

We have come forward with a Trust Review platform. This platform will make trading more secure and reliable. You wouldn’t have to fall prey to deceivers who are ready to hunt newcomers. The objective behind this new website is simple: remove fraudulent people from the crypto community and benefit honest people who just want to take a shot and invest.

We do this by providing multiple features designed to make DeFi secure:

1. New businesses that are ready to launch their token can submit their documentation, information regarding team members, and social media profiles to go through data verification. This will create a sense of credibility in the community.

2. Users can share their experiences with a business and give constructive feedback to them.

3. Users can access the real profiles of businesses and crypto holders through verified wallets.

These Trust Review features are meant to develop trust in the community. This will also push crypto businesses and traders to be transparent if they want to retain their customers. We at Hodlers Network want crypto holders to feel safe. Our experts will judge the feedback and will remove scammers immediately.

Another point we must not miss out, is that by being active in our platform users can earn HDLN within every social action they perform, but about that we’ll talk in an upcoming article dear Hodlers.

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Hodlers Network will be the first Social network in Blockchain-based on wallet IDs to verify and identify good and bad crypto users, aiming to avoid scams.