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Hodlers Network
9 min readJun 18, 2021

Info you might want to know regarding our project is right here for you!

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@northern8lights: 👋Hello , Welcome to a special AMA session with Hodlers Network❤️

@LudmilaKF: Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing great! I’m Ludmila, from Hodlers Network

@Pastor_Joshua: Welcome🤝Thanks for joining us today, its our pleasure to introduce Hodlers Network with our community 🔥

@northern8lights: How’s your day going? @LudmilaKF? :)

@Pastor_Joshua: Also joining @MalditoJosh with us

@northern8lights: Before we start our first segment can you both introduce yourself to our community?

@LudmilaKF 💜

Welcome @MalditoJosh :)

@MalditoJosh: Hi everyone! We are anxious for this great AMA! Well I’m the project developer of Hodlers Network

@LudmilaKF: sure, well, for me, I’m the community manager of the team

@northern8lights: A great start! ..So, without making a delay…Let’s start our AMA with a basic Introduction Segment :)

Q1. Can you briefly describe what is Hodlers Network ? We would like to know more about it and how it works.

@LudmilaKF: I’m glad you ask. Hodlers Network is an extra layer of protection for the investing communities, and a social network to help expose both new and old businesses, keeping users away from scam projects and connecting crypto investors and companies so they all have the possibility to be rated and also get their own projects known among the crypto communities. The network will work with innovative technologies and approaches (that we will explain further in the interview), to establish trust, and give the customers the reviewing power to vet projects.

@Pastor_Joshua: Interesting concept 🤘🏻

@LudmilaKF: thanks!


Q2. What are your main features that distinguish you from other projects and what competitive advantages do you have?

@LudmilaKF: Good question, well, the social network we are currently building will have a social mining system that will make people earn HDLN only by performing social actions, which as a consequence will improve our whole DeFi system. The idea of it is that users/members get to review, rate, like, comment and get in contact with different crypto investors and companies in order to make our community safer and visible.

Thanks! We do our best. By doing what’s aforementioned, they (the users/members) are not only being actively helpful to the community itself but also they are being rewarded for every collaboration and feedback they give. The coin is not the value of the Project, but our Project gives value and use to the coin.


Q3. What are you looking most forward to doing in Hodlers Network?

@LudmilaKF: Well, of course it would be to launch our social network. That’s the first huge objective to perform. We want it to be working and to start inviting people in so they can finally have the platform they deserve

@northern8lights: Awesome 😎

Q4. How has the experience and background of your team been effective in the success of your project so far?

@MalditoJosh: I really like this question since it’s quite an interesting one

@Pastor_Joshua: You can give some answer haha

@MalditoJosh: yes haha, when it comes to a Project this size (and actually any Project at all), it can’t work if all the engines and gears are not working properly, so they are a big part of it.

Teamwork is everything and everyone on the team has their roles and areas of expertise where they move, yet we are constantly communicated because the aim and the message must be unified. In addition, there’s a part of the team located in one country, and we really do take advantage of that, since communication flows in a more direct path. 💪

@Pastor_Joshua: Cool, a strong team should be there💪

@northern8lights: Final question for this Segment

Q5. Could you please provide some progress on your Roadmap and what results Hodlers Network has achieved so far? And any sneak peek into 2021 plans for Hodlers Network?

@MalditoJosh: Good one! Well actually we’ve achieved many step by step goals that led to our current situation. We created our social medias, set up a team (that is gonna be complete soon with more developers) made alliances with partners such as ICO Announcements which helped in leading our marketing campaign, we launched our website, we tried several IDOS in BSC Starter, performed some AMA’s, verified our contract, crowdpooled at Dodo, then launch in Pancakeswap, Dodoex, Dexguru and Value DeFi, blocked reserve tokens, and now are waiting to be listed in many other exchanges meanwhile we get our social network ready

@LudmilaKF: This 2021 we want to launch our social network, expand ourselves to new regions, become a worldwide sensation and be helpful you know. It might sound quite ambitious but we want to get through the message that DeFi can and will be safer, and that there’ll be a choice to unify all the info and possibilities that crypto investors need in one secure spot

@Pastor_Joshua: So we can expect a lot more in this 2021💪

@LudmilaKF: yes! We will bring on many many news

@northern8lights: Let’s move to our Second Segment — Twitter Questions @LudmilaKF @MalditoJosh :)

Q1.HodlersN have you considered the possibility of working with the traditional economy as a payment method in the future, such as paypal? or do you prefer to work ONLY with DEFI?

@MalditoJosh: Yes, actually we are going to have 2 options in our platform, $HDLN & Paypal, the last one is going to be for people who don’t know much about cryptos and are starting in this kind of almost surreal world. We want to get people who are not yet close enough with this kind of system to get involved and by doing that, make their lives easier. Notwithstanding, we hope in the near future to open our doors to other project’s coins to be used as paymethod tokens in our platform. 👀


Q2. By researching the Hodlers Networks project, I was able to see that they have overwhelming growth potential. But, although they constantly mention the $HDLN token, do they not talk about its usefulness, uses and functions in the Hodlers Networks ecosystem?

@LudmilaKF: Well, being listed in many exchanges is a way to provide people access to our token through trustworthy platforms (and so they will also be able to farm it in a later stage of our project). Once the token is bought, they will be able to use our social network to full extent. By this I mean, you can register for free and earn some HDLN anyway only for logging in, yet you need the tokens to get verified in order to get even deeper and earn larger prizes (larger amounts of HDLN) while you interact and navigate our website the platform will count with a mining system, for each social action performed users/members earn certain amounts of HDLN


Q3. Hodlers Network is implementing a strict KYC for its users (for the users safety). However, fake ID cards can be made nowadays. What safety measures does your platform have to verify that the documents that the users submit is 100% real?

@LudmilaKF: That’s an interesting question and a big part of the project. We intend to create a team that will verify all the info of new members manually. It won’t be an automatic process, but there’ll be someone on the other side verifying, we don’t want to leave these kinds of matters to an algorithm. In addition, this helps create new job possibilities for people that else wouldn’t have it.

Q4. How does Hodlers Network plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries or regions where English is not well spoken?

@MalditoJosh: Well, nice one! First of all, our plan is to expand ourselves in the near future to regions where english is not well spoken actually, because we want to reach as many regions as possible. To find a solution to this we will build our network in many and different languages. We want our community to grow as much as we can. The variety of languages allow us also to expand our team, we can work with people worldwide and would be a win win for everyone

Q5. Hodlers Network has offered daily rewards for community, would you explain here, how to access the rewards, what will user should have to get them

@MalditoJosh: Once you log in you are already performing a social action, so you earn HDLN, the more you interact in the platform, the more HDLN you earn. HDLN is now listed in pancakeswap, value defi, and dodo, we are still waiting for coingecko and coin market cap.

@LudmilaKF: After earning the rewards you can trade them in several exchanges, maybe farm them, perhaps just keep them there and continue to use the platform, it will all depend on your choices, but each possibility is there for you to explore, and that’s part of our goal


Well it’s really great 😊 And Thanks! And that’s for our twitter question segment 😊 I guess Chat is excited to know more about Hodlers Network❤️ Heading on to our last segment — Live Q&A. If you are ready guys

📌 In this Session, we will answer user questions:

@LudmilaKF: thank you all for your questions! and thank for the hosts of course, we will proceed now to select the 5 best and answer

@SPAZEEEE: In your own opinion, is a community very important for the project to progress? If so is HOLDERS NETWORK a community working hard to advance the HOLDERS NETWORK project?

@LudmilaKF: The answer is a big huge yellow marker YES. Community is everything, they are the one that makes everything happen, I mean we give you the project and the idea, but without you it wouldn’t work. We work for you. Our community is quite intense and we love it. It is pretty active, they want to see results and are really excited about every little step in the process we make as a team. They are always there supporting, and we are really thankful for that. It might sound kind of cheesy, but it is really important to thank them everyday for their explicit support. It is always good to thank the ones who stand for us.

@leixagarcia:🟢 How do you go about the process of verifying a user? What kind of requirements or aspects do you evaluate for verification?

@MalditoJosh: Well, the requirements will be at first, a well recorded video of you saying a specific phrase, a photo of you in real time, your docs and also your wallet ID so that our verification team can check every item you submitted. It is important that we check you are real, like in the real world and not only a fake id or username in the cyberspace hahah

@Nacho21_07: Hodlers Network is available for only English-speaking regions / countries, they will have possibilities or want to expand to other languages such as Latin America (Spanish)

@LudmilaKF: Well, we are Argentinian actually haha. There’s a portion of the team that actually are latinamerican people, so it is almost a fact that we will have spanish soon here. We already have a spanish channel in discord for questions

@lulubell23: In his roadmap appears “Complete team members”, which makes me doubt. Does the Hodlers Networks project not have a complete work team? And if this is the case, can you give details of the benefits of acquiring or completing the equipment?

@MalditoJosh: Sure it will, in fact, the item we stated in the introduction regarding paypal is part of the proof that this will be taken into consideration. We are also planning to make some tutorial videos for those who are new on this huge world of cryptos, and in fact, we are currently and constantly receiving a lot of messages for people that needs helps like how to buy, how to create a wallet, how to find their own wallets ID, the hash, etc. Those are not messages or requests regarding our project, yet we are very determined to answer all of their doubts no matter the complexity level of it. We are and want to be helpful for each member, no matter their knowledge

@Pastor_Joshua: Hope our community got much info about Hodlers Network Thank you so much guys @MalditoJosh @LudmilaKF for those well detailed and informative explanations

@northern8lights: And thanks for diving us deeper unto Hodlers Network ❤️

@LudmilaKF: Thanks to you for everything!

@Pastor_Joshua: It’s time for Wrapping Up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

@LudmilaKF: Well, I hope you have all enjoyed this session and we are really looking forward to be in touch with you for any question you have, and we certainly hope to see you in our community!

@MalditoJosh: Don’t forget to follow us guys!


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It was pleasure having you both of you guys @MalditoJosh @LudmilaKF Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for “Hodlers Network” 🚀🚀.



Hodlers Network

Hodlers Network will be the first Social network in Blockchain-based on wallet IDs to verify and identify good and bad crypto users, aiming to avoid scams.