Hello dear Hodlers, today we bring you VERIFIERS.

The verifiers constitute a team of people which will be constantly reviewing the information users send in order to be verified in our Social Network. We created this system in order to provide a more secure environment and also, to give people from every corner of the world the opportunity to a decent work (and a remote one).



Hello there dear Hodlers! We wanted to share with you how the week has been doing!

First of all, we are happy to announce that we are already listed in Coinpaprika and opened farming pools in Tosdis Finance! (links to all the posibilities for $HDLN below).

We are still waiting (but closer) to list in CoinMarketCap.

Dodo → https://app.dodoex.io/exchange/BUSD-HDLN?network=bsc-mainnet

Pancakeswap → https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x76ce1e3548ca3af6cbd3886056806f3ef3a6e301

Value DeFi → https://bsc.valuedefi.io/#/vpeg-swap?c&outputCurrency=0x76ce1e3548ca3af6cbd3886056806f3ef3a6e301

DexGuru → https://dex.guru/token/0x76ce1e3548ca3af6cbd3886056806f3ef3a6e301-bsc

Coinpaprika à https://coinpaprika.com/coin/hdln-hodlers-network/

TosdisFinance à https://app.tosdis.finance/poolView?pool=0x5a9c015ed3e74d70edd4ee4c3253e5466c71922e

Last but not least, we are still working very hard on our SOCIAL NETWORK! Soon there’ll be more info regarding that matter!

Stay tuned for more upcoming news!



Hodlers Network

Hodlers Network will be the first Social network in Blockchain-based on wallet IDs to verify and identify good and bad crypto users, aiming to avoid scams.